Top quality gastronomy

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Niigata is known throughout Japan as a gastronomic region, producing a very famous rice, excellent fish, and farm products.
Snow is an essential component of the gastronomic landscape in Niigata.
In spring, the winter snow melts slowly on the slopes of the Niigata mountains, gathering a wealth of nutrients along the way before joining a river and leaving deposits in the soil. Rice and Niigata products are grown in this ideal environment. Locals take pride in their gastronomy, their fish, fruits and vegetables. Discover some typical dishes of the Niigata region.

Echigo-hime strawberries,
or "Princess of Echigo"

When talking about Niigata agriculture, you cannot afford not to mention Echigohime strawberries (also called "Princess Echigo"). This name is derived from the fact that these strawberries are young, beautiful and appetizing. They are characterized by their shiny surface, very fragrant and sweet flavor with a hint of acidity. Weighing 20 grams on average, they are larger than the average. The season for this variety extends from the end of January to the beginning of June.
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Le Lectier pears

These pears are mainly grown in Shirone (Niigata), also known as the "pear capital". In 1903, the farmers of Shirone brought back the first set of Le Lectier pear trees. These pears are considered as a rare, valuable product as they are harder to produce and give little yield. The Lectier pears of Shirone are extremely tasty and among the finest quality, thanks to the Shinano river which brings abundant water and allows the land to remain very fertile. These pears are known for their ripe fruit perfume and smooth flesh. They are picked at the end of October and ready to be tasted in December, when they are soft and yellow.