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"Hyakunen Monogatari" - « Katakuchi » carafe, blue copper
  • "Hyakunen Monogatari" - « Katakuchi » carafe, blue copper
  • "Hyakunen Monogatari" - « Katakuchi » carafe, blue copper
  • "Hyakunen Monogatari" - « Katakuchi » carafe, blue copper

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Hyakunen Monogatari

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"Hyakunen Monogatari" - « Katakuchi » carafe, blue copper


Data sheet

blue copper
Serving sake

About Seigado.

Located in Yahiko-mura, Niigata Prefecture, Seigado continues to innovate and refine the traditional forging and hammering techniques that are its heritage.

Currently employing 3 main craftsmen, the company is particularly focused on the hammering technique, which allows the creation of complex shapes from copper plates and other metals.

The manufacturing process is long, and sometimes a single product requires more than 20 different mallets for hammering and more than 40 different types of metals. It is at this price that complex shapes can be created.

It takes more than 10 years of experience to create the desired shapes, but the result is delicate and bold objects that cannot be reproduced by machines.

"Katakuchi" carafe in blue copper.

This indigo color produced by the oxidation and polishing of copper, is a deep blue that expresses the uniqueness of Seigado. The simple bulge, called "fukurokuchi", is a remnant of the "kuchi-uchidashi" shape found mainly on kettles.

In addition to the beauty of its appearance and color, copper has a high thermal conductivity that allows you to directly feel the freshness of cold sake.

What is "Hyakunen Monogatari"?

"Hyakunen Monogatari" is a global brand, the result of a collaboration between the workshops of Niigata Prefecture and NICO (Niigata Industrial Creation Organization).

Since the beginning of the project in 2003, the brand has launched several cutting-edge collections, and the efforts related to the development and promotion of products combining the resources of the prefecture have been recognized both in Japan and abroad as the first of its kind in the region, winning awards such as the Good Design Award and the Asia Design Award.

The concept of the "Hyakunen Monogatari" brand revolves around "objects to create, appreciate and transmit a way of life and culture that we will cherish for another 100 years".

Thus, the project pursues promotional activities in parallel with the manufacture of innovative products, based on "development themes" linked to long-term trends in the global market and focused on communicating the assets of the Niigata region: its technological power and the attractions of its climate and topology.