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Cast Iron Fry Pan SSC - 24cm
  • Cast Iron Fry Pan SSC - 24cm

Cast Iron Fry Pan SSC - 24cm

Ref. 4562417571239

Weight: 1000g

Product available in store only : 28 rue du Dragon - 75006 PARIS


With an incredible thickness of 1.5mm, this ductile grey cast iron FCD stove has a weight equivalent to that of a moulded iron stove, half that of a traditional cast iron one, and this without having to cut any materials.

Its unique relief reduces contact points with heat, reducing the risk of burning food, while recovering excess fat from meat and water from vegetables, for a glaring taste result. While the high thermal capacity of the cast iron makes this pan also suitable for simmered dishes, the thermal conductivity accelerates the rise in temperature after the addition of ingredients, giving the fries a radically different texture.


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Sanjo Special Cast Co., Ltd.
Cast iron / Silicone coating
Kitchen utensils

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