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KIRIKO MODERN Paulownia cutting board - small
  • KIRIKO MODERN Paulownia cutting board - small

KIRIKO MODERN Paulownia cutting board - small

Ref. 4589780740161

Weight: 560g

Product available in store only : 28 rue du Dragon - 75006 PARIS


The 7 characteristics of this cutting board in Paulownia :
1. light 2. antimicrobial 3. resistant 4. does not slide knife
5. does not damage knife wire 6. resists blackening 7. dries quickly

Uses :
① for cooking, cutting meat or vegetables
② as a tray for serving cheese or ham at the table

Maintenance :
1. For vegetables that stain or tough, wet the board so that a light layer of water prevents it from coloring.
2. Do the same for bloody meat or fish.
3. Do not use to cut hard elements.
4. The board dries quickly and can then be tinted, also rinse quickly after use, preferably with a sponge and a non-aggressive detergent. Even if the knife leaves scratches, the board is anti-bacterial, so it is not necessary to use a brush or iron wool to clean it.
5. After use, leave the board upright in a well ventilated area. If the board is on a suitable support, moisture will not infiltrate the wood and the board will not blacken, prolonging your pleasure of use.
6. It is possible to use bleach, but wiping the board with a cloth soaked in lemon or vinegar will have the same effect as bleach or an anti-bacterial product.
7. After use, properly wiping the 4 edges will prevent blackening and prolong your pleasure of use.
8. Do not use a dishwasher, it could crack the board.
9. Because Paulownia dries faster than other woods, a dry surface indicates that the entire board is dry. It is useless to dry it in the sun.

Do not approach the fire as the board may burn.
Protect from shocks and damage to the surface of the board.
Natural material, the board can eventually (rarely) bend according to changes in temperature.
Rinse after use and remove food stuck to the board. Treat carefully.
The glue used is specific for wood (F☆☆☆☆) and does not present any danger of use.


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