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FD STYLE - Spice Grater
  • FD STYLE - Spice Grater

FD STYLE - Spice Grater

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Product available in store only : 28 rue du Dragon - 75006 PARIS


It's a grater for ginger and garlic.

Eye-catching stainless steel, easy to use and clean.

The surrounding gutter collects the juice and its precious nutirments.

Easy to clean after use by simply running it under water.

Stainless steel and matt black fluororesin make it an elegant utensil.

A black packaging also suitable for offering.


Do not use for anything other than the intended use.

Do not leave near flames. Hot metal can cause burns.

During use, preparation, or storage, handle with care to avoid injury.

Do not use the equipment if it is deformed or malfunctioning, and do not repair or modify it yourself, as this may cause injury.

When using, wash thoroughly with a dishwashing product.

Use with care. Do not store or leave within the reach of children.

Do not use a hard brush or steel wool for cleaning, otherwise the product may be damaged.

Do not store in a damp, salty or acidic place, otherwise the steel will rust.

In case of rust, rub lightly with an anti-rust product.


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Prince Industry Inc.
Stainless steel (fluororesin treatment)
Kitchen utensils