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"Hyakunen Monogatari" - Glasses case clip (black)
  • "Hyakunen Monogatari" - Glasses case clip (black)
  • "Hyakunen Monogatari" - Glasses case clip (black)
  • "Hyakunen Monogatari" - Glasses case clip (black)

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Hyakunen Monogatari

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"Hyakunen Monogatari" - Glasses case clip (black)


Data sheet

STORIO Corporation
Solid maple wood and genuine leather

This product has been miniaturized using precise processing, assembly and wood bending technology. It is a vertical type case to take out the glasses in a practical way.

The shell designed to fit the shape of the glasses is compact and space-saving, while its rounded shape allows the case to be inserted and removed smoothly, even in the inside pocket of a jacket or a bag full of small objects.

The magnetic closure provides quick opening and closing. When the leather tab is removed, the case opens by itself thanks to the natural spring of the curved wood.

Genuine leather is used for the flap, tongue and inner lining. This design allows the case to be used for other purposes, such as a pen pouch, for example.

The texture of the wood and its bright color are very compatible with a variety of materials and textures such as linen, cotton, knitwear and leather products, so the product can be used in any season or context.

Dimensions: 53 x 163 x 32 mm

Weight: approx. 75 g

What is "Hyakunen Monogatari"?

"Hyakunen Monogatari" is a global brand, the result of a collaboration between the workshops of Niigata Prefecture and NICO (Niigata Industrial Creation Organization).

Since the beginning of the project in 2003, the brand has launched several cutting-edge collections, and the efforts related to the development and promotion of products combining the resources of the prefecture have been recognized both in Japan and abroad as the first of its kind in the region, winning awards such as the Good Design Award and the Asia Design Award.

The concept of the "Hyakunen Monogatari" brand revolves around "objects to create, appreciate and transmit a way of life and culture that we will cherish for another 100 years".

Thus, the project pursues promotional activities in parallel with the manufacture of innovative products, based on "development themes" linked to long-term trends in the global market and focused on communicating the assets of the Niigata region: its technological power and the attractions of its climate and topology.