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Midori no Ra-yu 45g (Green Chili Oil)
  • Midori no Ra-yu 45g (Green Chili Oil)
  • Midori no Ra-yu 45g (Green Chili Oil)

Midori no Ra-yu 45g (Green Chili Oil)

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About Midori no Ra-yu

A green and spicy oil, it gets its colour and spiciness from Kagura Nanban peppers, specially grown in the city of Ojiya in Niigata Prefecture.

・Une pleasantly fresh and spicy from Kagura Nanban chilli peppers.

・Le lightly delayed spiciness enhances the taste of the ingredients without masking them.

・Le lightly spicy but still light, it goes well with all dishes.

・Une just a drop is enough to enhance the body and flavour of the dish.

・Sa a beautiful green colour makes them stand out nicely on the plates.

About Kagura Nanban

Good-sized, fleshy, this chilli pepper, grown only in Ojiya, Niigata Prefecture, is distinguished by its refreshing spiciness, while its irregular, bumpy surface reminiscent of the masks of the Kagura dance is the origin of its name.

A cold land surrounded by mountains, the town of Ojiya is covered with 4 cm of snow every winter, but the wide temperature range between day and night during the rest of the year allows for the cultivation of tasty vegetables with a pronounced taste. It is in this favourable environment that 10 producers are dedicated to the cultivation of this pepper.


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