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Miso Shirotsukuri (500g)
  • Miso Shirotsukuri (500g)

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Miso Shirotsukuri (500g)


Data sheet

soybeans, rice, salt, spirits of wine

This white miso is made in a ratio of 10 soybeans to 10 grains of rice, a unique blend that only Echigo Miso can produce. The soybeans are boiled and the skins are removed to make them white. This miso is made from domestic soybeans and rice and, after maturing for about two months, it is refrigerated to suspend its coloration. It has a light flavor and is recommended when you want to enhance the flavor of a light soup.

Miso contains yeasts that make it a living food: keep it in the refrigerator if you want to stop its fermentation, or keep it at room temperature if you want a stronger taste.