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Soy sauce (mild) KAORI (20cl)
  • Soy sauce (mild) KAORI (20cl)

Soy sauce (mild) KAORI (20cl)


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This mild soy sauce contains no chemical seasoning, synthetic preservatives or synthetic colors. It is crisp, light and clear, and provides a harmonious taste without altering the color or flavour of the ingredients. It can be used for a wide range of dishes, from sashimi and ohitashi to stews. This product has been highly appreciated in competitions and is highly recommended as a representative taste of Niigata Prefecture.

Hishiyama Roku House started as a simple store for pickled condiments (mainly fukujinzuke), so its history as a soy sauce producer is recent, but the company focuses mainly on the method of production and taste.

Its engineers are constantly striving for the highest quality and reliability in production. While the globalization of food has led to an expansion of Japanese gastronomy, Hishiyama Roku wishes to maintain a cultural culinary tradition.

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Wheat, salt, non-fat processed soybeans, sugar/alcohol
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20 cl