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YOKAN Echigohime strawberry (190g)
  • YOKAN Echigohime strawberry (190g)


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YOKAN Echigohime strawberry (190g)


Data sheet

Echigohime strawberries (grown in Niigata), sugar, bean paste (white), agar-agar

Yokan is a traditional Japanese pastry made with bean paste, dating back to the 12th century and can be compared to what we call "fruit paste". The bean paste can be red or white, depending on the type of beans used.

Since the 17th century, agar-agar (a seaweed-based gelling agent) has become an essential ingredient of yokan, as this delicacy is not only appealing for its taste, but also for its texture!

There are different recipes for yokan, depending on the texture, sweetness, colour or taste you want to achieve, and it also varies with the seasons.

The yokan is a traditional accompaniment to green tea, whether you want to enjoy the sweetness after the bitterness of the tea, or whether you want to enjoy the bitterness of the tea more as a contrast to the sweetness.

Moreover, this yokan can be frozen and served like a delicious sorbet.

Let yourself be tempted!