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Yuzu Ponzu (25 cl)
  • Yuzu Ponzu (25 cl)

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Yuzu Ponzu (25 cl)


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black rice vinegar, yuzu juice, Hokkaido kombu seaweed broth
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25 cl

This ponzu finds the perfect match between a full-bodied soy sauce produced in the cool climate of Niigata and the fragrant yuzu of Kyushu, further enhancing the taste of the food itself. One of the secrets of this condiment is its carefully selected list of ingredients: black rice vinegar, pressed yuzu juice, Hokkaido kombu seaweed broth.

Hishiyama Roku House started as a simple store for pickled condiments (mainly fukujinzuke), so its history as a soy sauce producer is recent, but the company focuses mainly on the method of production and taste.

Its engineers are constantly striving for the highest quality and reliability in production. While the globalization of food has led to an expansion of Japanese gastronomy, Hishiyama Roku wishes to maintain a cultural culinary tradition.