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AIDARICE Sado Super Koshihikari 1kg
  • AIDARICE Sado Super Koshihikari 1kg

AIDARICE Sado Super Koshihikari 1kg

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KOSHIHIKARI produced in Niigata prefecture

Product available in store only : 28 rue du Dragon - 75006 PARIS


A brand of rice cultivated with great love by the Aida family on the lush natural land that is the island of Sado. Oyster shells and Sado cow dung are used as fertilizer and are Global Gap certified (international standards for safe and high quality agricultural products). The Niigata Prefecture's "Special Crop" certification (chemical pesticides and fertilizers used less than half of the region's agricultural standards), and the "Enabling Environment for Ibis" certification (healthy and delicious Sado rice grown using agricultural methods that reduce the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, while creating a habitat for life in and around the rice fields) are also a guarantee of quality.

Cooking, consumption

The rice has been well separated from the bran, so it can be washed very lightly (1 to 2 times is enough) before cooking it.


The Aida family began its official activity as rice farmers in 1993. The rice is grown in accordance with the "ibis-friendly environment" certification, a system that certifies that rice from the island of Sado is healthy and delicious and is grown using "farming methods that nourish living things". These methods include oyster-shell farming, which was developed after the discovery of the purification and sterilization effects of water and the fertilization of land with oyster shells: by passing water drawn from rice fields through oyster shells rich in marine minerals, the full strength of the micro-organisms present is added to the water. This method, covered by newspapers and television, is gradually spreading throughout the country and impressed the three-star French chef Christopher Coutanceau during his visit to the island in 2019.


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