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Niigata Koshiibuki 2kg
  • Niigata Koshiibuki 2kg

Niigata Koshiibuki 2kg

Ref. 4534098003026

Weight: 2000g

KOSHIIBUKI produced in Uonuma, Niigata prefecture

KOSHIIBUKI produced in Niigata prefecture



It is an original variety from Niigata Prefecture that appeared in the 21st century. As it is a strain of Koshihikari, it has the characteristic sweetness of Koshihikari, but more pronounced and lighter. This variety is particularly suitable for cooking fried rice because it has less stickiness.

In addition, the rice is healthy and safe, as it has obtained the "special agriculture" certification from Niigata Prefecture.

About Special Agriculture Rice

Rice grown with less than 50% of the number of pesticide uses and less than 50% of the nitrogen content of chemical fertilizers compared to the usual level of agricultural production in the region where it was grown.

Takada-ya .Co.,Ltd

Established at the end of the Meiji era in Nagaoka, this centuries-old rice shop focuses on a limited number of regions and producers in special agriculture, as well as the purchase of rigorously selected high-quality rice. In addition, while oxidation of the rice normally begins immediately after polishing, the polishing machine used by the Takadaya shop transfers virtually no heat to the rice during the polishing process, so oxidation progresses relatively slowly, preserving the delicious flavor of the rice until it reaches the consumer.


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Takada-ya .Co.,Ltd

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