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Junmai Ginjo Jomon no hibiki
  • Junmai Ginjo Jomon no hibiki

Junmai Ginjo Jomon no hibiki

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Junmai Ginjo based on the precious and very ancient rice variety "kame no o", developed in the 19th century in Yamagata north of Niigata. Equibrated and complex.

The Uonuma House, located on the outskirts of Tokamachi, south of Niigata, uses mainly local rice and underwater water from the Shinano River, the longest river in Japan. Enjoying a particularly lush nature despite its snow-covered winters, the Uonuma House has taken advantage of the teaching of its ancestors who learned to live in harmony with their environment, perpetuating the reputation of their flagship sake, the "tenshin-bayashi", fed by neighbouring lands and its inhabitants.

Consume in moderation.
Alcohol should not be consumed by pregnant women.


Data sheet

Uonuma Sake Brewing
Jomon no hibiki
Junmai Ginjo
SEIMAIBUAI (amount of rice left after milling)
Tokamachi (Niigata)
Rice variety
Kamé no o,
Alcohol content
Bottle size
Keep in a cool place and away from light. Sake has no expiration date, but we recommend drinking it within one month of purchase to get the most out of its flavors.

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