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Junmai Ginjo Tenjinbayashi (72cl)
  • Junmai Ginjo Tenjinbayashi (72cl)

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Junmai Ginjo Tenjinbayashi (72cl)


Data sheet

Uonuma Sake Brewing
Junmai Ginjo
SEIMAIBUAI (amount of rice left after milling)
Tokamachi (Niigata)
Rice variety
Koshi tanrei
Alcohol content
Bottle size
Sando (acidity)
Keep in a cool place and away from light. Sake has no expiration date, but we recommend drinking it within one month of purchase to get the most out of its flavors.

A Junmai Ginjo sake left to mature slowly in Tokamachi's cold winter weather and heavy snowfall. The Koshitanrei rice produced in Niigata has been polished up to 50%, like a Daiginjo, removing all the bitterness from this easy to drink sake. Rich and full-bodied, light and refreshing, this sake with a strong umami flavour is recommended for beginners as an introduction.

Uonuma Brewery

Founded in 1873, Uonuma Brewery, located on the outskirts of Tokamachi, south of Niigata, uses mainly local rice and underwater water from the Shinano River, Japan's longest river, for its sake. The addition of this water to the brewing process gives the sake a particular nuance, neither sweet nor dry, known as "umakuchi", which is distinguished by a perfect balance of the 5 types of taste, an elegant aroma, a clean finish and the presence of the umami of the rice. Futsushu sake has a 60% polish and the entire range can boast the quality of Ginjo sake. Uonuma's emblematic "Tenjibayashi" series is a range of sake dedicated to the people of Uonuma and takes its name from a celebratory song of the region, a prayer to the gods to help the harvest.

Consume in moderation.
Alcohol should not be consumed by pregnant women.

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