Sparkling sake – HANABI

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HANABI, champagne sake.

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Just like its name ("Hanabi" means "fireworks" in Japanese), this sparkling Junmai provides champagne-like sensations on the palate. 

This sake is made with rice as the only ingredient. Carbon dioxide, formed naturally during a double fermentation in the bottle, gives it its light bubbles. An elegant sweetness enhanced by the umami of the rice and an adequate acidity. With a low blood alcohol level, this sake is perfect to initiate neophytes in search of new sensations.

*As with champagne, make sure to cool the sake well before opening to avoid overpressure.  

The Hakuro Brewery

Founded in 1751 in Nagaoka, Hakuro has maintained its role in Niigata sake culture through the political upheavals of the 18th and 19th centuries. Inheriting the new sake brewery of a local lord in 1882, it was the opportunity to adopt his coat of arms, these 3 toothed oak leaves that now decorate the bottles of the Brewery. Located in the middle of Niigata Prefecture, the city of Nagaoka has huge plains with the best climate for sake production, and Hakuro intends to use this opportunity to apply its motto: "an even better sake to make people even happier".

Consume in moderation.
Alcohol should not be consumed by pregnant women.


Data sheet

Hakuro Shuzo
Sparkling sake
SEIMAIBUAI (amount of rice left after milling)
Nagaoka (Niigata)
Rice variety
Gohyaku Mangoku
Alcohol content