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Sparkling sake – Sakagura no Awayuki (30cl)
  • Sparkling sake – Sakagura no Awayuki (30cl)

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Platinum medal in the soft sparkling category, 1st place in the Sake Sparkling Soft category of the Kura Master 2019, a French Japanese Sake Competition.

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1st place, platinum medal at Kura Master* 2019

Category « Sparkling Soft »

*French competition of Japanese sakes


Sparkling sake – Sakagura no Awayuki (30cl)


Data sheet

Sparkling sake
Nagaoka (Niigata)
Alcohol content
Bottle size
Keep in a cool place and away from light. Sake has no expiration date, but we recommend drinking it within one month of purchase to get the most out of its flavors.

Platinum medal in the soft sparkling category, 1st place in the Sake Sparkling Soft category of the French Kura Master Japanese Sake Competition*.
This sparkling sake is so light that it resembles a meringue in the mouth, with a fragrance reminiscent of ripe fruit and a natural sweetness derived from koji. With its alcohol level of barely 7°, this sake can be enjoyed as an aperitif or a drink at the end of a meal.
Its slender design and pure blue makes it elegant on a table.

Tasting tips: Suitable for aperitifs. To be enjoyed in a wine or fruit glass. Consumption temperatures: 8~11 degrees.

*Kura Master is a Japanese sake competition created in 2017 for the French by the French, chaired by Xavier Thuizat, head sommelier at the Hôtel de Crillon. 
Click here to watch the video (Sakagura no Awayuki Yoshinogawa presented at 5'47")

Yoshinogawa Brewery

Built in 1548 in Nagaoka along the old Mikuni road Kaidō, Yoshinogawa is the oldest sake brewery in Niigata Prefecture. Located south of the city of Niigata, Nagaoka is renowned for its fertile soils, pure water and exceptionally fresh local produce, the result of a particularly harsh winter climate, with world record snowfall. Since it can only take advantage of such advantages, Yoshinogawa uses only Niigata rice. For more than 470 years, Yoshinogawa has been perpetuating the know-how of sake making while exploiting the latest technologies. This spirit of syncretism between tradition and new technologies is certainly one of the reasons for Yoshinogawa's secular success.

Master Toji of the Yoshinogawa Brewery, Masaji Fujino.

Consume in moderation.
Alcohol should not be consumed by pregnant women.

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