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Taiyozakari Junmai Ginjo
  • Taiyozakari Junmai Ginjo
  • Taiyozakari Junmai Ginjo

Taiyozakari Junmai Ginjo

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Weight: 1240g

International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2018, "Sake" category, recommended tournament sake Kan Sake Award (warmed sakes) 2018 Gold Medal.

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A Junmai sake carefully brewed with Niigata Ginjo Yeast, made from 100% Takane Nishiki rice, a rare crop in Niigata. A slightly fruity aroma, a mellow taste where the umami of the rice develops and a light finish make this sake balanced and perfectly suited to meals.
An ideal sake to accompany your meals. A beautiful acidity and aromatic complexity allow you to discover the world of sake...

Awards : International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2018, "Sake" category, recommended sake of the tournament

Pairings : Goes well with mild dishes and light ingredients. Fried octopus, Kuruma plum grilled in salt, Siu Maï crab or shrimp, Sole meunière, white fish mousse, scallops steamed in wine, seafood salad, light lemon or vinegar-based dishes.

Our specialist's comment : Sake for all occasions

The Taiyo Brewery

Founded in 1945 by merging 14 local sake houses, the Taiyo House includes sake houses in operation since 1635, a history of which it is particularly proud and which it strives to honor by continuing this tradition unabated.  As the 10th largest producer of Ginjo sake in the country, Taiyo Sake House has focused early on harmony with the kitchen, offering a range from premium sake to everyday table sake.

La maison Taiyo-shuzo

Consume in moderation.
Alcohol should not be consumed by pregnant women.


Data sheet

Taiyo Sake Brewery
Junmai Ginjo
SEIMAIBUAI (amount of rice left after milling)
Murakami (Niigata)
Rice variety
Takafune Nishiki
Alcohol content
Bottle size
Sando (acidity)
Drinking temperature
Keep in a cool place and away from light. Sake has no expiration date, but we recommend drinking it within one month of purchase to get the most out of its flavors.

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