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Umeshu - Plum liquor Gensen Yoshinogawa
  • Umeshu - Plum liquor Gensen Yoshinogawa

Umeshu - Plum liquor Gensen Yoshinogawa

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Umeshu, or plum sake, is obtained from the maceration of Japanese plums. This umeshu is made from the Benisashi variety, which means "purple reflections".

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This umeshu is based on Benisashi fermented plums ("purple reflections" in Japanese) from the Fukui prefecture, renowned for their high pulp content. This plum, as its name suggests, sees its skin turn from green to a beautiful red when it is ripe, and its fragrance perfumes its surroundings. Very difficult to cultivate, it is said to be a rival as the Kishu Nankobai species. Rich in pulp, it produces a juice with an unusually strong taste. To an already balanced umeshu in terms of acidity and sweetness, we have added a sake with a soft taste, the pride of our sake house.

A fresh acidity, a soft sweetness and a precise aftertaste.

Serving suggestion : To be enjoyed fresh, as is or "on the rock", or even cut with sparkling water.

Yoshinogawa Brewery

Built in 1548 in Nagaoka along the old Mikuni road kaidō, Yoshinogawa is the oldest sake brewery in Niigata Prefecture. Located south of the city of Niigata, Nagaoka is renowned for its fertile soils, pure water and exceptionally fresh local produce, the result of a particularly harsh winter climate, with world record snowfall. Since it can only take advantage of such advantages, Yoshinogawa uses only Niigata rice.

For more than 470 years, Yoshinogawa has been perpetuating the know-how of sake making while exploiting the latest technologies. This spirit of syncretism between tradition and new technologies is certainly one of the reasons for Yoshinogawa's secular success.

Master Toji of the Yoshinogawa Brewery, Masaji Fujino.

Consume in moderation.
Alcohol should not be consumed by pregnant women.


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