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  • GENMAI HOJICHA 10 packs
  • GENMAI HOJICHA 10 packs
  • GENMAI HOJICHA 10 packs


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Hojicha such as the one roasted in the Yamajien shop every day, even more fragrant thanks to the brown rice with which it is mixed. Even when brewed with hot water, this hojicha tea remains delicious until the third infusion, without bitterness, just with the sweetness of the rice and the aroma of the tea.

This brown rice hojicha is suitable for adults and children alike due to its low caffeine content, reduced by the roasting process and the addition of brown rice.

This type of bag allows you to enjoy the dense flavour and aroma as if the tea had been brewed in a teapot, without loss of intensity.

YamajiEn Tea Co.

Established in 1931, the Yamajien boutique specializes in Japanese tea, including their flagship product, hojicha, which they roast themselves using an old roasting machine that roasts the tea leaves over a gas fire, filling the shop with the sweet, fragrant aroma of hojicha. The number of shops using gas roasters has tended to decrease recently, due to the small amount of tea that can be produced at one time, but the Yamajien shop insists on continuing to use them, not only because they allow deep and complete roasting, but also because they allow the condition of the tea leaves to be checked with the eye and tongue each time. Carefully crafted by craftsmen, Yamajien Hojicha tea has been a regular customer for many years, thanks to its strong roasting aroma and taste. In addition, the company has recently developed original tea bags to attract more consumers, and is working to promote the tea around the world.


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