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YUKIGUNI KOCHA 50g (Japanese Black Tea)
  • YUKIGUNI KOCHA 50g (Japanese Black Tea)
  • YUKIGUNI KOCHA 50g (Japanese Black Tea)

YUKIGUNI KOCHA 50g (Japanese Black Tea)

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When talking about black tea, Darjeeling and Assam usually come to mind, but there is also wakocha, a black tea made in Japan from Japanese tea leaves. While black teas are generally characterized by a strong astringency and aroma, the astringency of wakocha is less pronounced, in favour of a milder taste. This is probably one of the reasons for the success of wakocha in recent years.

Yukiguni Kocha is made from leaves picked from century-old tea trees and has a sweet aroma typical of this Japanese tea. A sweetness that can be found in the taste and which makes the addition of sugar dispensable. Black tea is attracting more and more attention because it goes well with both Western and Japanese pastries.


Founded in 1868, Fujimien is a shop specializing in Japanese tea. Always in search of the best products and customer satisfaction, the shop takes care of everything, from the cultivation of the tea to the sale and all the intermediate steps.

Fujimien's specialty is Murakami tea, a local green tea known for 400 years, but 50 years ago, the 6th generation of shop owners decided to give new life to Yukiguni Kocha black tea. This flavor developed by the tea masters has surpassed the local fervor and created fans all over the country. In addition to freshly brewed tea, the shop also offers Italian ice cream with Murakami tea and Yukiguni tea, which has made it a popular tourist destination.


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