Tenryohai Daiginjo Sae

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Sae is sake made from the waters of Mount Kinpoku, the mountain of the gods of Sado Island. Located off Niigata in the Sea of Japan, and once famous for its gold mines, it is still famous for its sake and colonies of Ibis, the bird that is the emblem of the island and Japan. The exceptional perfume and sweetness of this sake are obtained by a slow ageing in the cold of winter, a hard work that justifies the confidence of the Tenryohai company when it declares: "this sake will sublimate any dish".

Characteristics : A very fresh sake, with aromas of white fruits and plants. Complex on the nose, this sake will surprise by its freshness which leaves a clean and direct mouth, with a beautiful aromatic persistence.

Our specialist's comment : A sake very representative of Niigata rice.

The Tenryohai Brewery

Tenryohai Brewery, located in the middle of the lush nature of Sado Island, is the result of the merger of 3 sake houses in December 1983. Until recently, the company's products were reserved for very local customers on Sado Island and Niigata, but the decline in the island's population has had an impact on sales, discouraging potential buyers. The new president, Mr. Kato, challenged himself to introduce his sake to all of Japan and then to the rest of the world. 

The 24-year-old Sen'ichi Kato, who took over Tenryohai in March 2018, intends to free himself from the conservatism of his predecessors, who wanted to limit himself to a regional distribution. Niigata sake blending with all dishes, Sen'ichi Kato decided to promote Tenryohai's know-how internationally.

Consume in moderation.
Alcohol should not be consumed by pregnant women.


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Tenryohai Brewery
SEIMAIBUAI (amount of rice left after milling)
Ile de Sado (Niigata)
Rice variety
Alcohol content
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